Established in 2011, the concept of Verde Light was conceived between 2 business partners Alan & Siew Khim. Always being attracted to materials that are uncommon or emerging, we embarked on a journey of customising lights using recycled materials such as old pipes, unused hardwood such as Ashwood, Maple, and Walnut, and ropes from ships.

Wood just has such cache to it, just such an aura of Scandinavia, Bukit Timah, tree house-warm about it. Our work with it has always been centred around bringing these materials into our everyday lives; breathing new life to materials that serve a big part of our lives, yet taken for granted due to our busy schedules. But it's how we work with these materials that sets Verde Light apart from other makers and designers, it’s how we serve our customers that make a difference.

We never liked just sitting at a computer or sketching all day, We always needed to get hands-on with the projects. With these materials its always been like that, a very "I wonder if this will work" kind of approach. That occasionally has us sprinting like hell for the fire extinguisher, but we are OK with that.